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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Used an employment agency and haven't heard back

Crap. It's been a few months since you signed up with an employment agency and you haven't been called. You really, really, really need a job. What to do?

You're really going to need to find a connection with someone at one of the agencies you use. Remember that they are just people and they are deluged with paperwork/resumes. So if you will try to get to know a couple of them on a more personal level, I think that could help you, because then they'd see you as a person, not just a piece of paper. The people working at most employment agencies are very stressed. They get all kinds of phone calls and people walking in the door.

You need to show up there and ask what you can do to get them to take another look at what you have to offer, to get your resume/papers up to the top of the stack again. If it doesn't work, then you are right back where you started, you haven't lost anything by trying.

I would even suggest attaching your contact card or resume to the top of a box of Dunkin Donuts or a box of ice cream sandwiches, a nice treat for everyone in the office. It will help them remember you as "that nice guy who brought us ice cream." It isn't just the ice cream that helps them remember you. After all, it's just a $3 box of ice's that you cared enough about them as people that you thought they might enjoy something nice.

You are already a salesperson. Your full time job should be looking for a job. If you take this on as if you are a sales person for yourself, trying to find out needs and how you can fulfill the needs of businesses, then you will greatly improve your chances of being hired.

Getting hired is your sale.

I think that people tend to rely on employment agencies too much. There are plenty of good companies who do not use employment agencies. If you consider your job search your current job, then using an employment agency is basically like getting someone else to determine your sales prospects. A good salesperson can locate his/her own sales prospects.

Using an employment agency can kind of be a crutch. It's the easy way to just fill out paperwork, get tested, and walk away and wait for a phone call. Then when nothing happens you can blame God, the economy, Obama, Bush, the universe, or whatever.

You need to follow the techniques of successful sales people:

  • Have clear goals in mind. Write 'em down.
  • A successful salesperson will follow up with prospects.
  • See if there is anything else you can do.
  • Write a follow-up thank you note or any kind of note that makes a connection.
  • Ask questions to gain useful information.
  • Make new contacts.
  • Attend networking meetings
  • Get out of the office and STP (See The People).
  • Think about what needs you could fill by starting your own small business with little money to start up.
Am I waking you up about this at all? Please add your ideas as comments!

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